Thursday, September 24, 2009

What killed the Detox

What do you mean....Detox, for what?

Mmmmmmmmm, maybe to get rid of all that "poison" I fed my body over the past six weeks?

But that is not poison! It is food, glorious food!

Mmmmmmmmm, yes, but what about the countless Danish Pastries, Croissants, Ice Cream, Bread, Desserts, Chocolate, Turkish Delights.........shall I continue?


Yes, the pants just feel a little tighter than 6 weeks ago and as a friend of mine does a Detox from time to time, why shouldn't I try?

Because your body is a temple and should be treated with respect, love and care; because you have food smells around you all the time; because it is not that easy and your mind is weak when it comes to food!

Yes maybe, but so far I am doing good, had just fruit for breakfast, some sliced oranges and an apple as a snack.........I got a terrible head ache from not drinking coffee, I am suffering beyond belief when the pastry chef took out 6 trays of freshly baked choc chip cookies and have no idea how I will survive lunch!!!!!! HELP!!!!

Your mind is weak!!!! Food, glorious Food!!!!!!

Oh, I am suffering, maybe I should have visited the Gym more often.

What do you mean more often, you walked past it twice in the past six weeks with no intention of putting a foot in it.

Yes you are right, but YOU said the body is a temple, so why should I hurt it?


OK, I agree, a little bit of sport would have been good and honestly, I have no idea how long I will hold through with the Detox, maybe another 10 minutes or another 2 days.......I guess the first one is closer to the truth!


Ohhhhh, I crumbled! I crumbled into little pieces like a scrumptious apple crumble with a little vanilla bean, still warm with a touch of whipped cream......Professional habit, I have to taste what goes out to the guest........ that just killed the Detox.

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