Friday, April 14, 2017

Crispy Risotto by Chef Igor Macchia

Here is a recipe that I though many of you would like because even so it is a Michelin starred recipes, you can actually as well use your left over risotto and dress it up beautifully. Of course we made everything from scratch, but that should be like this in a 5 Star hotel.

This dish we served as a Canape during our guest cocktail which is part of the whole guest chef experience, like this all the guests have the possibility to have at least a taster of Chef Igor's fantastic cuisine

As the other dishes, this one has a couple of items that might be difficult to get. One of them is Stracciatella. Even I was not really sure what it was so I asked one of my best friends....Google! and the answer was pretty easy. It basically is a type of Burrata, a buffalo Mozzarella with a creamy interior. It is generally very difficult to find so take Burrata will work very well

Bottarga is a dried fish roe from Italy....depending on quality it can be quite expensive but as you don't need much, go for a really good really just need a sliver on top to give the lovely salty flavor to it

Ingredients for saffron risotto:
300 gr             Carnaroli rice
     2 lt             Vegetable stock
   30 gr            Olive oil
   50 gr            Butter
   50 gr            Grated Parmesan cheese
     2 gr            Saffron
Method for saffron risotto:
·         Heat olive oil in a pan, add the risotto and roast for about 2\3 min. Add boiling stock flavored with saffron and cook for around 13\14 min. Add all other ingredients and season with salt and pepper if needed.
·         Lay the risotto in a tray of about 2 cm thickness and keep cold. Once the risotto will be cold, cut with ring mold. Flour the risotto and pan fried in a non-stick pan with olive oil.
Ingredients for presentation of the plate:
  1 nr               Crispy saffron risotto
10 gr               Stracciatella di mozzarella
  3 gr               Bottarga (air dried roe)
  1 nr               Tahoon cress
  1 gr               Roasted barley malt powder
Method for presentation of the plate:

·         Plate warm crispy risotto, add the stracciatella, roasted barley malt powder and sliced air dried roe. Garnish with tahoon cress before serve.
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