Thursday, September 17, 2009

BBQ: Gas, Coal or Wood?

We had a lovely BBQ last night. The weather was just perfect, no wind at all, lovely coal and the backdrop of Bodrum and the castle. Usually there is a bit of wind and at least one of us gets smoked during the evening, feeling like a smoked ham by the time the BBQ is finished. We usually use a char coal grill and prepare the meat and lobster tails for about 150 people. Now of course the big question is, which is the best to use for a proper BBQ, gas, coal or wood? I am personally a total wood fan, not just because it is nice to sit around the fire, but if one has good wood, the coal will be good as well. On top of that, it usually takes a bit longer till the coal is ready, so the whole BBQ or Braai in South Africa will be nice and relaxed. I wonder what other peoples preference is.

I guess for 150 people a BBQ is not that relaxed anymore as there is a lot of food going out. So we usually pre cook the meat a bit to make sure nobody has to wait too long. Our usual selection is Pork Spare Ribs, Lamb Chops, Marinated Chicken and Lobster Tails, then a little carving with a Suckling Pig and one of my favorites: grilled Flank Steak, finished off with a can of local beer to stop the cooking process....mmmmm

Of course there are the salads as well, starters and bread. I am not even starting with the desserts......

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