Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I just came back from a lovely walk though Rhodes, what an amazing town, so much history, one feels like a knight! I took the tour around the fortification of the town, a path lesser traveled, but lovely and peaceful. The most amazing thing, apart from the walls going up on both sides is the smell of the pine trees and the sound of the crickets. It takes a good hour and a half to get all the way around, but it is worth while doing it, the best way to get away a bit from all the tourists.

The town itself is full of tourist shops, I mean full. And of course there are plenty of restaurants, not cheap, not specially good, but plenty. This town oozes history, I love it. All the fortifications of the wars 800 years ago, the museums, just amazing, I really, really love it here.

The cruise ships basically park just in front of the old town, so it is a 10 minute walk and one is in the middle of it all. But the island has a lot more to offer, unfortunately I don't have the time to explore more, but will come back for a holiday, see the valley of the butterflies (I have been here when I was about 7 years old) and there is so much more.

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