Saturday, May 10, 2014

Eva's Cheese Cake

Today I like to share a very simple but amazing recipe for a cheese cake.It is sort of a double baked cheese cake with a sour cream topping. The topping is very soft but makes the entire cake even more delicious

The name comes from the owner of Soneva Fushi, Eva. She just simply loves cheese cake and this recipe is one of the favorites since many years.

I do love my cheese cake too and have to admit that this one is really a stunner. The only challenge is that is does not keep well, the topping will be starting to run off after a day, so either you cook and eat the cake on the same day, best place it in the freezer, then it is easy and when it defrosts, the cake stays nicely in shape

I like to serve a freshly made berry sauce with it, leave it chunky for some more texture. The acidity of the berries will go perfect with the creamy richness of the cake
so here is the recipe

50 Ml Melted butter
125 G Biscuit

25 G Sugar

Place biscuit and sugar in a food processor bowl for 20 seconds until is finely crushed.
Transfer to another bowl, add melted butter and mix it till to combine.
After that spread it as the base on to a cake ring and press well.

Cream Cheese Mix
1400 G Cream cheese
250 G Caster sugar
20 Ml Vanilla essence
20 Ml Lemon juice
6 Ea Eggs

Use an electric whisk and beat the cream cheese and caster sugar until smooth
Add egg, one by one in to the cheese mixture and then mix it well
add vanilla essence and lemon juice in to the cheese mixture and mix all together
Pour mixture on to the base of the biscuits and bake it in hot oven at 200 °C until it becomes golden color.

1500 G Sour cream
250 G Caster sugar

Combine sour cream and caster sugar until its smooth
Pure over top of cheesecake and then bake it for 200 °C until it become golden brown color.
Keep it cool and then serve it.

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