Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back Online!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I was off line longer than I thought I would be. I have been quite busy over the past 6 weeks as I am in charge for the galleys of a ship at the moment, the beautiful Celebrity Summit. I had to come here on short notice and will be handing over the galley in a couple of weeks.
We did a couple of runs in the Caribbean out of San Juan. I have a little entry soon when we stopped in St. Maarten. Now we are sailing out of Bayonne, New Jersey. I can see the Statue of Liberty and the Skyline of New York not too far from the ship, what a beautiful sight. And then we do runs over to Bermuda, another entry that will come very soon.
Like I said, it was really busy in the past couple of week, getting used to the new ship, every cruise fully booked with at least 2100 guest, I had an absolutely fantastic time with a great team behind me (120 Chefs). I have loads of public appearances from Captains Cocktails, Cooking Demonstrations, Galley Tours all the way to our own Star Chefs Cooking Competition on the last sea day.
So I think you will hear soon a lot more from me.
Sorry again for the long quiet time, but the Gourmet Traveler is back on the move!!!!
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