Monday, August 27, 2012

Osso Buco Ticinese

Another lovely dish from my home country, this time from the Italian part of Switzerland. The cuisines in Switzerland have of course been influenced heavily by our neighboring countries like Italy, France, Germany and Austria. Yes of course we have our own identity, but in a place like the centre of Europe it is normal that the influences from the surrounding countries are visible.

Osso Buco means in English the hole in the bone, so basically a slice of the shank. Usually veal is taken, but to be perfectly honest, beef is as good if not better as it has more flavor. The only difference is that one has to cook it for longer.

Typically Osso Buco is served with a coarse polenta, a polenta that has to be cooked for hours as worry even I usually do the polenta the new way, buying "instant) and it is cooked within 5 minutes
It is a dish that you have to be a bit patient, it takes several hours to cook, but the wait is worth while
500 G Osso Bucco 5 cm thick
15 G Salt, pepper
100 Ml Oil
200 G Onion
10 G Garlic
200 G Carrots
150 G Celeriac
150 G Leeks
50 G Tomato paste
20 G Sage, Origano
200 Ml White wine
1000 Ml Brown veal stock
500 Ml Demi glace
300 G Tomatoes


Cut the skin of the osso bucco to prevent shrinking
Cut the vegetables in matignon
Cut tomatoes in concasse
Chop garlic, lemon peel and parsley finely for cremolata
Season osso bucco
Roast in rotissoire till brown on both sides, take out
Pour away oil, then add matignon
Add tomato paste, roast some more, then deglacer with white wine, repeat twice
Add meat, herbs, stock and demi glace
Braise covered in the oven till tender.
Take the meat out carefully
Reduce sauce till nice and thick, add meat and tomatoes
Plate and garnish with cremolata

Serves 10 people


  1. Hi there, Just to let you know that I have put you into my Featured Food Blog list for September. Cheers

  2. Wow Carol, that is really amazing, thank you very much, it is really an honour to be featured on your list as you have such a large following, many, many thanks


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