Sunday, September 13, 2009

Save the Bluefin Tuna

Finally some good news. I just heard that the European Union is considering a total ban on the Blue fin Tuna fishing. That is great news as it is just a question of time till there is no more Blue fin Tuna. Apparently France and Italy have already reduced quotas last year drastically, meaning that within two days the quota was fished......and both countries are accused to have fished more than the quota allows! It is such a marvellous fish and predator and we need to preserve it! We need to boycott Blue fin Tuna wherever we see it on the menus. I truly hope that we are able to save this wonderful creatures and hopefully will be able to enjoy the wonderful meat in future again. In the mean time there are so many other great fishes which can be used for Sushi and Sashimi, so I think there is no shortage on marvellous tasting fishes!


  1. I second that! Wonderful news!!

  2. Thanks, we need to be active and help, make the problem public especially with the hotel and restaurant business.


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