Monday, September 21, 2009

Turkish Cheese

Yes I am a Cheese Lover......Wine, Bread, Sweets you name it I love it. Anything to do with food. And I like to share it with everybody. Food is such an interesting thing, everybody has their own taste, their own opinion how something should be done, it is a never ending topic. I guess a food blog is a little bit like a food channel on TV, just without the moving and sound, but one can travel with the blog while sitting at home in the arm chair, looking at the photos, and then trying out the one or the other recipe in the kitchen. I think the tomato tart already found some fans, according to Face Book, which I really enjoy, again, food for me is all about sharing, there are no secrets......nearly none.
Now, back to the cheese; on the spice market in Istanbul is a section where the tourists go a bit less, it is just outside the market, along the wall, where there are a whole lot of stands selling dried fruit, nuts, vegetables, fish, meat and of course cheese. I was very intrigued to see this funny looking cheese, looking similar to roughly shredded chicken. Of course I was able to taste and it is actually a bit like Mozzarella, just a bit more sour, but still very nice. Then they had this hard cheese next to it, looked delicious, tasted delicious. It had a similar sour hint, but then a nice pepperyness and nuttiness, lovely. Of course I had to buy some to bring back to the ship and share and for 10 Turkish Lira per KG, which is about $7.50, one can't complain that it is expensive!
That's the two cheeses I bought, The one on the left is called "Low Fat Cheese from Erzurum" The one on the left an extra strong "Cheddar from Ezmi"

But of course, like I said, it is all about sharing, so we had a little "Cheese Tasting" that night with a couple of friends. Some nice wine, home made nut bread and a little beef carpaccio to start.

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