Monday, April 2, 2012

Lyonnaise Salad

We are now having one special after the other, the lobster week is finished and was a great success, we sold a lot of dishes and people in town know that every time they come to us there is something new, something exciting. Next on my list is making some healthy salads

Unfortunately here in Ghana we don't get a lot of varity in lettuce, it is mostly just called salad and everybody has the same, so we got together with a food enthusiast who is importing gourmet delicacies from France to Ghana and he is nw bringing in a variety of salads that are nowhere else to be found. That makes my life easy and happy as with these beautiful products it is an absolute pleasure to work.

I like to start with a Lyonnais Salad which is basically loads of frisee lettuce with a poached egg, croutons and crispy bacon. Even the eggs are coming from France as the local eggs are not always up to our high hygiene standard and I am always extremely careful when it comes to eggs, especially if they are not cooked through.

So here is the recipe, enjoy it, it is really a great salad which is easy to prepare and extremely effective with your guests

150 g Frisee lettuce
100 g Oak leave lettuce
100 g Lollo verde lettuce
100 g Chicory lettuce (Endive)
50 g Italian Flat leaf Parsley

150 g Bread Croutons
8 ea Eggs
200 g Streaky Bacon

75 g Pommery Mustard
50 Ml Champagne Vinegar
25 g Honey
100 ml Olive oil

Clean all the lettuce and dress in a deep pasta bowl
Fry the bacon till crispy
Poach the eggs till soft in the center
Mix all ingredience for the dressing

Plate the soft warm poached egg in the salad and add the crispy bacon
Drizzle everything with the dressing


  1. I really enjoy this salad in the cooler months, sometimes without the egg, sometimes with. Such a delicious way to start a meal.

  2. Dear Frank
    Thanks for popping in and commenting, it is always appreciated. Very true, a nice Lyonnaise is a good start or as I can see here, many ladies take it as a main course.

  3. Lovely salad. It would be great if you linked it in to today's Food on Friday which is collecting salad recipes.

  4. Thank you. You have cerai ly gone for gold! Have a great week

  5. It is aleays great to add the links on your Blog, thank you very much


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