Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Vegetable Salad

Another lovely salad is the spring vegetable salad. I give you a recipe but this does not mean that you really have to follow it, this is just a piece of art that is great to look at and very healthy to eat. It is gluten free and of course vegetarian. I just put it on the menu because the colors are so pretty and one can really play around a bit, so go wild and see what you can find on the farmers market, bring it home and put it in your salad.

I am finding more and more interesting goods here in Ghana, OK, still a lot is imported but I found some organically grown products here and i will write soon about them. I am very excited as I didn't expect all of these products
But now to the salad, it is something you can play with, just make it look really pretty

75 G Frisee lettuce
75 G Chicory lettuce
75 G Lollo rosso lettuce
75 G Radiccio lettuce
100 G Cocktail tomatoes
100 G cucumbers
100 G Snow Peas
100 G Fine green beans, French
100 G Baby Beetroot
100 G Baby Carrots
75 G Arugula lettuce
75 Ml Olive oil
25 Ml Sherry vinegar
Salt, Pepper

Clean all the lettuce
Blanch the vegetables
Cook the baby beetroot and peel carefully
Arrange the lettuce leaves nicely on a large plate
Top with baby vegetables
Mix olive oil and vinegar, season with salt and pepper
Drizzle over the salad

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