Saturday, April 21, 2012

Amazing Mongolia

The Country Gourmet Traveler is writing about Mongolia? Wow, I wonder what it might be......OK, to be honest, I just want to spread the word about a really good organization where a friend of mine is part of. They are doing an amazing job helping and keeping the nature clean......and of course helping the people there.

This friend of mine has a love affair since many years as he goes there every year to run an ultra Marathon, yes you guessed it right, I do NOT run, so I think he does it for both of us and a couple more people. Anyway, I just wanted to copy a little letter he sent to me about what they do and how we can help, either with spreading the word or with donating....or both, but please read on

There are still a few spots left for our adventure run/visit to Mongolia (28 July - 04August, 2012) so please help spread the word.

The MS2S organizing team is very active working on the details of this year’s race. We are now organizing the local drivers to transport race participants from Moron and the Toilogt Camp, the local horsemen to look after us on the course on race day, the local and international doctors for the race and also contacting the local handcraft and dairy product suppliers.

As you may know, the race is just one of our activities, actually the race helps raise funds for our environmental activities and support for the local community. Here are some of our 2011 achievements:

A total of 22,300 Hovsgol National Park visitors were introduced to the program of garbage collection and recycling, and 9,600 garbage bags have been handed out to them, with a return rate of over 86%, which is very encouraging.
In addition, overall 368 truckloads of garbage have been transported out of the National Park from tourist camps and campsites.
The Litter Education Program in the Park continues, with awarness and education in the local schools located in the park, competition and awards to the cleanest nomadic household ( local Family Zaya won this time.....Congratulations! ) and the Ashihai Tourist Camp on the shore of the Hovsgol Lake was recognized and awarded as the cleanest tourist camp for 2011.

As a result of this, Hovsgol National Park is currently recognized the cleanest among the National Parks in Mongolia.

However not everything went smoothly this past year; our dear old Russian made garbage truck totally broke down and is beyond repair. We are now going to buy a used Korean made truck (more environmental friendly) and as such we are looking for sponsors and donations. We need about 12,000 USD and have to date raised 5,966USD so if you have an idea, or could contribute, let me know!

You can also donate either with a VISA or MasterCard on this link:
or via bank transfer - details can be found here:

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