Friday, March 30, 2012

Lobster Risotto

 OK, after we had this involved dish with all sorts of recipes, now an easy one, a Lobster and Asparagus Risotto. I must have said it many times before, I just love risotto, I love cooking risotto, it has something calming to cook a risotto because one has to be there, one cannot just let it cook, no, no way, one has to stand there and stir it all the time with a wooden spoon.
But why with a wooden spoon, one could take a normal spoon or a spatula. NO! because it is tradition to use a wooden spoon. So where dos it come from that one HAS to use a wooden spoon. The history is very simple and originates in northern Italy, the center of risotto rice farming and made sense at the time. It all started when aluminium was discovered and everybody started to make pans out aluminium as it is a lot cheaper. The problem was that the cooking spoons where still made of stainless steel because aluminium is too soft.......get the hint, hard metal scraping against soft metal???? Exactly the stainless spoons scraped tiny bits of aluminium off the pot and that not just slightly discolored the risotto, but gave it an ugly metallic taste.

So instead of not using the cheap pans and buy expensive stainless steel ones, they just started using wooden spoons and every since, that is the preferred material used by chefs all over the world to make risotto

Wow, enough talking, lets go to the recipe

50 Ml Olive Oil
100 G Butter
800 G Risotto Rice
150 G Parmesan
200 G Onions
2000 Ml Water
500 Ml White Wine

4.5 Kg Lobster
1 Kg Green Asparagus

Cut the onions in a fine brunoise
Shallow-fry the onions in olive oil without color
Add the rice and shallow-fry some more
Add the white wine and water
Season and simmer for about 15 min
Add cut asparagus
Fry lobster tail in a little olive oil
The risotto must be slightly al dente and creamy
Just before serving add the parmesan and ice cold butter
The risotto must be slightly al dente and creamy
Serve the lobster tail on top of the risotto

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