Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lobster Thermidor

Oh yes, now we talk, the Lobster Thermidor, what a beautiful way to prepare Lobster. Maybe not for the purist who would say that the sauce is taking away the lovely lobster taste, but I like to disagree. Yes it is nice to boil a lobster just in the sea water and eating it directly with a rereshing glass of white wine and some baguette, I have to admit it is actually really even is lobster pure, cooked to perfection and simply tantalizing.

Still I like my Lobster in combination of something and have to say that I really love that. I have to admit as well that my Thermidor is most probably not tha original recipe... no it is defenitely not the original recipe but it is a yummy one and I think that is the most important part.

To explain in a couple of short sentences how I prepare it....very simple. I take a fresh lobster, cut in half, then quick on the grill, then a rich Hollandaise sauce enriched with goodies on top, quick under the salamender and voila, I got a perfectly cooked Lobster Thermidor.

Just a quick one about the killing of the lobster, which method is the best? Honestly, there is no perfect method but there are a few that are not that bad. Most probably number one is to put the lobster in the freezer for about half an hour, apparently that quietens him down completely and then the death is sudden when plunged into boiling water. The other one is to ut the head in half in a sudden movement......a little dangerous if not experienced and I am not sure if it works 100% as oftn one is not getting it right int he middle. Anyway, I heard that lobster are very sensitive creatures and I feel that if the lobster is calmed in the freezer for a while and there is plenty of boiling is ok.

Do you want the recipe now? OK, I will part with it and hope you enjoy it as much as I do

2 Each Lobster
30 G Shallots
50 Ml Cognac
200 Ml White Whine
½ Bunch Parsley, chopped
120 G Hollandaise Sauce
100 Ml Olive Oil
½ Each Garlic Glove
50 Ml Glace de Viande
100 Ml Fish Fumet
150 G Tomato Concassé
1 G Cayenne Pepper
Salt & Pepper

Kill the lobster in boiling water
Cut in half, take the meat out of the tail and scissors
Remove the corail for later
Fry the lobster shell in olive oil, add shallots, parsley and garlic
Flambé with cognac, then add white wine, fish fumet and glace de viande
Simmer for 15-20 min
Strain the stock and reduce to required thickness
Add the corail and tomato concassé
Season with cayenne, salt and pepper
Mix up with the Hollandaise Sauce, add some chopped parsley
Fry the lobster meat and add some of the sauce at the end
Plate the lobster and pour the rest of the sauce on top


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