Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tandoori Chicken

Aren't we all a bit scared of cooking Indian food? I think we are because it is the unknown factor that makes us shy away, the use of all these spices, it might just be too complicated. But the real deal is that when you have done this very first step and done some really simple food, then you see that it is not so difficult and you will get more and more adventurous.

So I thought let me start with something very, very simple, the Tandoori Chicken. Which basically means that the chicken is cooked in a Tandoor, a special clay oven in India. Most of us will buy a finished mix of Tandoori spices, mix it with yogurt and then marinate the chicken, I did exactly the same as here in Ghana it is rather difficult to find each ingredient needed

But now to the recipe, you see the result on top in the photo and it is really something nice to eat

6 kg Chicken whole
1 glass Tandoori Paste
500 G Plain Yogurt
600 G Basmati Rice
75 G Raisins
200 G Plain Yogurt
200 G Cucumber
Salt Pepper

Debone the breast and legs, making sure that there is only one bone left in the leg and the breast has still the wing bone on, cleaned
Marinate the chicken with Tandoori paste and yogurt
Roast the chicken in the oven, fairly hot but not that it burns
Cook the Basmati rice with raisins
Mix the yogurt with the finely shredded cucumber
Season to taste
Plate first the rice, then add the roast chicken


  1. Yes! I was hesitant to start cooking Indian for a while, but then got my act together and made my own curry from scratch. The key is to just get started. Small steps! I haven't tried making tandoori yet, but I think I'll start as you suggest!

  2. Hi Kat
    Thanks for commenting, yes, it is always the same, till this first hurdle is taken and then everything goes so much easier.

  3. Thanks for linking this in. We now have a very nice collection of chicken dishes - over 70 and still coming in!
    Have a great week.


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