Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet and sour Fish

I love Sweet and Sour, being it fish or pork or even vegetables. It is the tangyness and sweetness of the sauce that makes the difference. I have eaten many times sweet and sour sauces and many times they were not that great. Now I got a recipe which I actually got from a friend in Switzerland. It is extremely simple to prepare and I usually o a bigger batch and keep some in the fridge. One can use it as well as a base for a dressing, so it is really versatile.

The fish is simply rolled in corn starch and then deep fried, like this it is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Don't forget to marinate the fish a bit, the dish will be more flavorful and there is more corn starch sticking on the fish, giving you this nice crust

The Spice menu is going really well here, I am glad, it is nice to create something and then it is well received. I know that the Sweet and Sour fish will go on the normal a la carte when the special weeks are over.

But now to the recipe, like I said, it is really so easy to do and simply delicious. By the way, Kingklip is just another name for Ling Cod, an absolute perfect fish for making Sweet and Sour

2 kg King Klip Fillet (or any other firm white fish)
30 Ml Oil
30 G Shallots, chopped
5 G Garlic, chopped
1 G Chili, chopped
80 G Peppers, brunoise
80 G Carrots, brunoise
40 G Leeks, brunoise
2 Pineapple
30 G Sugar
100 Ml Redwine vinegar
100 Ml White wine
200 Ml Chicken stock
60 Ml Tomato sauce
20 G Tomato puree
50 Ml Soy sauce
10 G Maizena

Simmer the shallots, garlic and chili in oil,
Add the vegetable brunoise and sugar
Add all the other ingredients except maizena
Boil the sauce for 5 min, then thicken with maizena

Cut the kingklip in cubes
Season with soy and marinated for 2 hours
Roll in corn flour
Deep fry till crispy, but juicy inside
Toss the fish in the sweet and sour sauce
Serve immediately

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