Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flying Emirates

Now after spending so long on airports, yes I had to spend quite a few hours in planes as well. It is always the same, flying away from home, there is no rush and I have time on airports, but flying home, that has to go as fast as possible.
Check in as usual wasn't a great deal, even with my nearly 40 kg luggage. I just produced my Seaman's book and off the suit cases went. It has some advantages when travelling back from a ship, 40 kg luggage is nice, all my 6 bottles of wine, one bottle Metaxa, the Turkish delights and much more...that all takes space and weight!
Emirates is nice to fly with, service is lovely and helpful and one of the most important parts, for me at least, the food is good. Just to let you know what we "had" to eat for lunch:
Salmon and Vegetable Terrine
served with crunchy bean sprout and mushroom salad
Sauteed Prawn and lemon wedge
Chicken Makhanwala
Tender pieces of chicken sauteed and tossed in a creamy Makhanwala sauce
Served with steamed Basmati rice and vegetable Salounah
Green apple and almond dream
soft almond sponge topped with a light green apple flavoured mousse
and home-made granola
Cheese and biscuits
Tea or coffee with chocolates
Sounds delicious doesn't it? And to be honest most of it was, just the salmon terrine was actually a salade Nicoise, still very nice but not what was advertised, main course lovely, dessert delicious, even as it was made out of a packet, cheese the usual in plastic wrapped cheddar and chocolates was a single chocolate, but overall, very enjoyable. I have eaten a lot worse on planes so Emirates are high up there in the ranking.
Like I said, service was faultless, attentive and very friendly, TV...I had to get used to it, just a different system but huge choice. Space on the seats was average, but then again, I have seen worse. Bot times I flew the plane was fully booked to the last seat, but the attentive personnel coped very well. I think it is an airline one can recommend.
Oh, by the way, if anybody is allergic to onions or garlic, there is plenty of both in the food..plenty!!

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