Friday, October 23, 2009

Exotic Fruit

Asia is great for fruit. Even the ones we know very well and can buy at home like the banana. Here if one buys a banana, even in a fairly green stage, they ripen within a day or so and have to be eaten......and they are sooooo sweet! There is a myriad of fruit here, many of them are deliciously sweet and colourful.....and some of them not so sweet like the Durian. I have put together just a few of them, there are so many one can write a whole book. I think most of the ones I mention are widely available so if you see them, buy one and try it!

The young Durian is actually not too bad, one is not allowed to have them in a closed room like a hotel room or bus as they will stink out the entire place, especially if they get ripe. But when they are young they still have firm meat, looking lovely pale yellow......and taste very much like raw onions!!! But when they get mature.......the meat looks deliciously like vanilla custard but smells more like a mixture of old eggs and, I have not tasted a Durian at this advanced stage, I am brave but not that brave, lol.

Another fruit I absolutely love is the Rambutan, it looks like a litchi that has hairy spikes, but inside it is pretty much the same, just tastes a bit sweeter. Rambutan can be found allover Asia, look pretty and taste great.
Similar to the Rambutan is the Longan. The skin is a bit hard, yellowish and smooth and it has a big pip and only little fruit, but it is like a concentrated Litchi, sweet and juicy, just a great little snack!

Then there is the Dragon Fruit or Pitaya. Best when just cut in half and then eaten with a spoon. I like when it comes out of the fridge as the taste is so refreshing. One can find it a lot as well as fruit Lassies. It looks great with it's white flesh and all the black pips. The taste is a bit like a bland Kiwi. One of my favoured drinks is plain yoghurt, crushed ice and Dragon Fruit, then all blended, it is soooooo refreshing!!!
And for today as a last fruit the Mangosteen, my favored. There is not much meat to eat, one first has to cut the fruit open and it is really thick skinned, but then there are the creamy wedges in there, ok, again there is a big pip in them, but the taste beats everything, at least for me. It has hints of citrus, this incredible creaminess and sweetness, wow, I just love Mangosteen!

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