Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I love Singapore, I think everything is about food in this City and everybody is eating all the times. I was meeting up with an old friend of mine, Sam. We worked together a couple of years ago and it is just nice to meet up again after all these years and chat a bit.
I arrived a day before joining the ship and had a whole day to spend here, what a treat. We met just before lunch and went to one of the many food courts in the city. We opted to have some Thai and Singaporean food and had some sweet chili soft shell crabs (middle) some chicken in black bean sauce and a chicken rice with black olives (bottom). Chicken Rice is typically Singaporean, but with the black olives it gave a bit of a Fusion feel to it. The chili sauce served with it was lovely hot and very fragrant!
After a visit to the "Flyer", a huge turning wheel we had some Thai Iced Tea to cool down a bit. The "Flyer" is a must when in Singapore, one has a great view over town and learns a lot about the history and buildings. At the moment there are two huge Casinos being built, luxury accommodation on Sentosa Island and a new Cruise Ship Terminal, to accommodate the new super liners.

Dinner was then in the hotel, a simple buffet but with some interesting food on it. I had some Honeyed Chicken, Satay, an extremely spicy fish wrapped in banana leaves, man was that hot, I thought my brain would go up in flames!

For dessert I had some Asian Sweets, Agar Jellies, Coconut Jellies and that red thing looking like a Ravioli was a rice dough filled with sweet Peanuts, strange but nice.

Singapore has something for every food lover, I think there is food from every corner of the world available!

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