Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flying Singapore Airlines

I just had a lovely flight from Cape Town to Singapore. Even so the flight was fully booked, service was impeccable, beating Emirates! Very seldom will one find such wonderful and smiling flight attendants and especially during the night they passed all the times with trays of water, juice and snacks, something I was missing on Emirates.

The food of course was very good too, but what I especially liked was that it was served on nice and big non slip trays, big enough that one had space to put all the papers, bags and lids on the tray without having everything piling up!

The menu we were served was a lunch

Smoked Ham with vegetable and pasta salad

Braised fish fillet with black bean sauce
seasonal vegetables and steamed rice


Roast Chicken with Herb Gravy
Buttered vegetables and roasted Potatoes

Cheese and Crackers

Mocca Mousse

OK, the menu was not as fancily written, but everything that was on the menu was as well served. The weakest part of the menu was the smoked ham, it didn't live up to the rest of the meal. I had the fish and it was delicious, my neighbours had the chicken and it looked succulent and juicy.

For breakfast one had the choice between Asian and normal Continental, both were very nice with me having the braised egg noodles with chicken and mushrooms, in Oriental sauce.

The wine is served in 750 ml bottles, and the quality was very good. They came 3 or 4 times to make sure every bodies glass was always re filled.

There was ample space to sit and everything else was good too, so Singapore Airlines is definitely an Airline I recommend.

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