Saturday, October 17, 2009

Molecular versus Slow!!!!

I am on Face book, but who isn't? I think about anybody is on there, or on Twitter or anything similar. Now being on Face book, of course one joins some groups and being a chef.......yes I have joined some chef groups one of them is Molecular Gastronomy.....what gastronomy? Yes Molecular. It is amazing what is going on in these kitchens nowadays and sometimes I really feel old, out of touch, not on top of it anymore. What happened to the good old classical cuisine? Is it all out the window?

I like to follow the "Wall Posts" and have to smile and more often just shake my head. I feel that it is not really cooking anymore, one actually needs a chemical degree! But then it is fascinating to see how everybody gets up in arms about when to use Xantham Gum and how to use Citrate and Alginate or how to do a reversed Spherification, no, not a normal spherification, it has to be reversed.

The food photos are extraordinarily beautiful,...can one eat that? Yes and I love to look at the photos and try the food, they are more art work than just a piece of food on a plate........ which reminds me a bit of the good old day in the 80ties, when I did my Chef apprentice ship in Switzerland. It was the height of the nouvelle cuisine. Anyone remember? It was a phase when the chef's started to use baby vegetables, everything had to be super fresh and a la minute prepared. One needed a lot of chefs in the kitchens and of course that doesn't see Nouvelle Cuisine anymore, but it changed the food served in restaurants and the thinking of the chefs.

Will it be the same with the "Molecular" cooking? I think so. It has just begun, so I think the phase will be here for quite a while, but then over time one will hear less of it and something new will come and revolutionize the gastronomy! After this statement I will most probably expelled from the molecular cooking group and at the same time from the "Slow Food" Group at the same time as "Molecular" is not "Slow" enough! but then again, it is nice to stir it up a bit and get people's reaction!

OK, I have to admit, my true passion in cooking is "Slow Food" where one goes local, if possible organic and there is no use of any ready made products, sauces, anything, just pure taste. I will surely write a lot more about "Slow" in the future.

I am wondering what everybody else is thinking, I am sure opinions will differ quite a bit!

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