Thursday, October 8, 2009

Apple Pie

There is much one can do with apples and one of the most delicious desserts is a good apple pie. Of course there are plenty of apple pie recipes, every grand mother has one, so there is no competing here, I thought I am doing an apple pie without crust, more like a gateau, something that gluten free people can enjoy, without labelling the pie as gluten free and something that really uses quite a lot of apples, especially for the readers with their own apple trees. On top of it, the cake actually doesn't use any sugar, through the slow cooking the cake will have a beautiful, full apple taste and the fruit sugar in the apples will be sweet. It is a very simple and delicious recipe which will take a bit time to cook, but the result is worth it..
Serves about 10 people

24 each Apples, peeled and cored

Pre-heat the oven to about 130 o C. Butter the bottom of a 25 cm baking tray. Slice the apples thinly on a mandolin, then layer them in the baking tray, till you have about 20 layers. Bake in the oven for about 4 hours, then take out, line the top with a baking paper and press gently. Cool down over night in the fridge, with the tray still on top of the cake.

2 cups double cream
2 tbsp. Calvados
2 tbsp. Castor Sugar

Whisk cream with Castor sugar to soft peaks, add Calvados and refridgerate for an hour.

Cut the cake in square pieces and serve with the calvados cream
On the photo I did a little apple compote as well, just peel, core and cut apples in cubes and simmer them with some raisins, Castor sugar and cider.

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