Thursday, July 19, 2012

Salmon with Olive Crust

Today I have another way to prepare salmon, a little bit more Mediterranean. I use lovely Kalamata Olives, just de-pip them and chop them roughly. Then I add some Italian flat leaf parsley, a couple of bread crumbs and then some sliced chili to give it a bit spice.
Then the salmon gets fried skin down in a bit olive oil, I put the crust on and then it goes in the oven or the salamander and then when it is still pink inside I serve it....yummy
There are endless possibilities of cooking salmon, it is a real pleasure. Unfortunately there was often some bad news accompanying this fish, especially since the salmon farming started. There is a lot of controversy about the salmon farming (same like the Tilapia farming) as it is not really sustainable, not good for the fish quality and often they add additives in order to keep the fish healthy in this tight space.
Never less, salmon is an extremely healthy fish with loads of Omega oils which help lowering the cholesterol, so there is a lot of benefit in eating salmon ever so often. Not as often as good hundred years ago in Sweden where by law one was not allowed to feed the staff more than once a day salmon... in Switzerland it was a lot better, it was only 5 times a week. At that time the salmon still went up river Rhine all the way past is long too dirty and no salmon is coming up the river anymore....a real pity

1700 G Salmon fillet
250 G Black Olives
50 G Onions
20 G Parsley
20 Ml Olive oil
50 G Bread Crumbs
10 G Chili

1200 G Potatoes
100 Ml Cream
150 Ml Milk
100 G Butter
30 G Basil

400 G Tomatoes
120 Ml Olive oil
10 G Salt
1 G Pepper 20
G Parsley

Cut the onions in cubes, shallow fry in olive oil
Add olives, bread crumbs, chili and parsley
Shallow fry for a couple of minutes
Blend quickly, not too fine
Season to taste

Peel the potatoes and cook till soft
Press the potatoes through a sieve
Heat up cream butter and milk
Mix gently with the potatoe puree
Add Basil and season to taste

Blanch and peel the tomatoes
Cut the tomatoes in cubes, discharge the pips
Add olive oil, julienne parsley and season


  1. Interesting flavour combo - I do think salmon needs to be paired with strong flavours but I wouldn't have thought of olive. Thanks for linking this in. Cheers

  2. Such nice presentation! I love the spiral mash potatoes.

  3. Salmon is so versatile, I love it. I know many people think it is a boring fish, but for me it is an immensely interesting fish, I love it raw, cooked, smoked or marinated

  4. Thank you for your comments, yes the eye eats as well, I think presentation is so important


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