Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coupe Romanoff, a Strawberry Sensation

What is he doing now? Is he cooking Russian food again?
No, the Coupe Romanoff is a traditional ice cream coupe we do in Switzerland, something everybody know, even so we don't really know where the name comes from

So then lets have a little lesson in cooking history. The first time this dessert was made for the Russian Tsar Family Romanoff by the French master Chef Marie-Antoine Careme in the 19th Century. The original dessert was fresh strawberries marinated with port wine and then served with whipped cream. Over the years the dessert changed to what we know today, vanilla and strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. So no more alcohol, but lovely ice cream

Marie-Antoine Careme was the chef of the kings, he was born in France in a poor family in 1777 and then started working in kitchen at a very young age. He worked his way up and ended up cooking for Baron de Rothchild, the British king, Taillerand and then Tsar Alexander of Russia. Careme was the one who started that the chefs wear white jackets and hats, in order to stay more hygienic. He wrote many cook books, revolutionized cooking and created many dishes which are still cooked today, even so in a slightly different form.

So, but now we have the recipe

1 scoop Strawberry Ice Cream
1 scoop Vanilla Dream Ice Cream
75 G Strawberries, slices
20 G Strawberry Sauce
20 Ml Cream, whipped Mint


  1. Thank you for the background on the dish. I love dishes that come with a story.
    I love simple dishes like this one because if you choose your ingredients right, recipes like this one really make them shine

  2. Dear Sawsan, Thank you for your comment, it is very much appreciated. I like to give some "useless" information abot dishes, a bit history or just some stories


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