Friday, July 27, 2012

Exploring Accra: Japanese food

I was very lucky lately that our Vice President of Operations was here on a visit and I was invited to join for dinner at one of the in restaurants of Accra: Santoku. I have heard a lot about this restaurant, most of it was really raving reviews, so of course I was very interested to go there and see for myself.
Having eating in restaurants like Nobu and Tetsuya and travelled for over a month around Nippon I can say that I know a little about the Haute Cuisine of Japan. I love Sushi, I love even more Sashimi, so let's see how it was.

The restaurant is beautiful, very stylish, modern and sleek. There are many waiting personnel making sure everything is getting served in a speedy and friendly manner. It has everything an In spot must have. The bar where one waits for the table (not that we had to wait) and there is of course a great choice of Sake and as well Japanese Whiskey. I could see some lovely bottles of 18 year old golden liquid, I did not dare to ask the price.....

The food was very good, no doubt there are professionals at work. The kitchen is open, so one can see what is going on. We started with steamed Edamame Beans with sea salt, a great fresh snack to start, then a whole load of different dishes came, some lovely Sashimi with a pickled aubergine puree, chicken wings with sesame, deep fried cod that was hanging in Chinese noodles, then Miso soup, Sushi, all very nice

Just when it comes to the bill....aiaiaiai. I was happy that I was invited. The prices are steep, very steep. I am talking of 100 $ per person, this is with wine, food and tip. Still it is a lot of money and it will not be a destination one goes often. Value for money? No I think they are a bit over priced....but they are full, so there is a market.

Overall is was a very nice evening, good company and interesting food

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