Monday, July 9, 2012

Salmon Tartar

The Salmon Promotion has started so we will have a couple of salmon recipes, some very simple ones and some that will be a little more involved, but still easy to be made

I love salmon, I know many think that it is a boring fish, but it all depends on whatone does with it and of course what one buys, there is salmon and then the is SALMON. Of course we are not all able to buy the wild salmon and have to resort to the farmed one, but if you are able to get a wild salmon, just go for it, the flavor is superior, the texture and the color.

The best ever salmon I had was in Greenland when I was there with the ship "The World" and we stopped at a couple of harbour towns along the south coast of Greenland. Then in Quartoq we bought fresh salmon from the market. It was there between Seal Ribs, Ling Cod, Halibut and Whale Meat and Blubber. I could hear the salmon whispering,"buy me, buy me!" it was just so amazing, the salmon was caught that night in the waters along the coast. We made some sashimi first for ourselves and then put it on the menu as a salmon tartar, there is where I made this recipe originally.

Of course there are other spots where one can get top grade salmon, one of them would be in Seattle at the Pike Market. While living in Seattle I must have gone countless times to the Pike Market to get fresh salmon, every time it was a real treat.

Of course the farmed salmon is very good too, there is nothing wrong with it, but I guess I am a bit soiled and have tasted the difference, but if you go in the supermarket and see some nice, fresh salmon on the ice, go for it. Make sure you smell the fish first before you buy it, it should have a clean, fresh smell, then you are basically ready to go.

Here is the first of the recipes, a really, really easy start, the salmon tartar

600 G Salmon fillet, fresh
50 G Shallots
2 Ea Lemon, juced and rind
10 G Salt
1 G Pepper
15 G Dill
15 Ml Olive oil

50 G Frisee lettuce
50 G Rocket lettuce
50 G Lollo rosso lettuce
15 G Dill

50 G Cucumber
50 G Fennel

30 G Pommery Mustard
50 Ml Olive oil
20 Ml Cider Vinegar
10 G Honey
5 G Salt
1 G Pepper
Cut the salmon fillet in small cubes of about 5 mm
Chop the shallots finely Marinate the salmon with shallots, lemon juice salt, pepper, dill and olive oil

Plate the salmon tartar in a ring in the middle of a plate
Wash the lettuces and garnish the tartar

Put the cucumber cubes and fennel cubes around

Make a vinaigrette with mustard, honey and all the other ingredients and drizzle over the salad


  1. Interesting - I always thought it was spelled tartare (like the sauce). Thanks for linking in.

  2. Dear Carol, no worry about the spelling, I think nobody minds if it is spelt Tartar or Tartare.....


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