Sunday, July 1, 2012

Exploring Accra, Restaurant Review

Yesterday was my first day off in a long time and we decided to do our shopping, combined with a nice lunch and a movie. Of course first was sleep in time which means by 7 AM we were awake but still just lying in bed and relaxing.

Accra Mall is the biggest mall in the country which means not much, it is still tiny compared to other malls, but at least one can get everything needed. There is a Game which is a store with house hold goods and some food and then there is Shoprite with plenty of food, most of it imported from South Africa.....which makes it very expensive and often the goods are not available as the container hasn't arrived yet. Both of the major shops are South African shops, so one can find everything, even so one pays for it.

There is a movie house as well, not huge, but nice and clean. We watched battleship, really nice movie, even so it is basically the same like all the other movies...Aliens invade the world in the one or the other way, then we have some heroes and bingo, we win.....anyway, we really enjoyd the movie, it is just different to watch a movie on the big sceen. The cost: 16 GHC per adult on the weekend, which is about 8 USD

And then of course we had lunch. We were already quite often at the mall but never ate there except a take away pizza which was horrible, but now we tried Rhapsody's. It always looks nice when one walks by, the tables nicely laid. There is a big bar with TV, the smoking area which was full, mainly expats drinking, eating, smoking and watching sport
We had a Beef skewer which was 300 g of nice and tender meat with herbs and a bit gravy. It was very nicely done, could have a bit more gravy and lss dried herbs, but was very delicious. Then we had a snack basket....huge with 2 mini burgers, fried chicken strips, sping rolls, buffalo wing and french fries. With a large water, a pineapple juice and a Mango juice it came to 87 GHC, so just under 50 USD. There are a lot more expensive restaurants here, so the re is good value for money, except when you start drinking wine, then the bill will go up.
I have to say, it was a really nice restaurant, even so that what we most wanted, the calamari where not available. I can recommend going to Rhapsody's, the service was good and friendly, the food came quickly and it had a nice athmosphere, all needed to have a good time in a restaurant

So it was a great and relaxing day, the lunch, the movies and of course we stocked up the kitchen again, ready for more culinary adventures at home

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