Sunday, July 15, 2012

Salmon Ravioli

I am coming back to make home made pasta, yes still a favorite of mine. This time we make salmon ravioli, not with smoked salmon, but with fresh salmon. The idea is that the pasta dough really has to be super thin, then the ravioli has to be frozen before cooking. Like this the inside will be warm, but not well done. It need a couple of tries to get this right, it is for sure not the easy cooking, it needs experience, patience and knowledge......but then, the ravioli is really nice too if the Salmon is well cooked, so don't worry too much about it
I try to make this dish really light, even so there is some butter in the sauce, I have omitted the cream completely. I take the leeks and onions, they get sauteed a bit in butter, then I add one cup of fish stock, I boil it up, make sure the leeks is soft. Then I add the ravioli, cook them quickly, add the tomatoes and some more butter and finish. The for the garnish I used some frisee lettuce and flat leaf parsley.

But here is the recipe

500 G All purpose flour
100 G Semolina flour
240 G Egg yolk
2 Ea Eggs whole
50 Ml Olive oil

900 G Salmon fillet
100 Ml Olive oil
50 G Dill
70 G Onions, fried

200 G Leeks
200 G Tomatoes
100 G Onions
10 G Flat leaf Parsley
10 G Dill

Method for the Dough
Mix all the ingredients well
Maybe you might have to add some water
Let the dough rest overnight

Method for the filling
Cut the salmon in small cubes
Mix with olive oil, fried onions, dill, salt and pepper

Roll the dough out paper thin and cut out round ravioli
Put a bit of the salmon mix inside, close it and blanch it very quickly
Put the ravioli in ice water to stop the cooking process
Cut the leeks and onions in small pieces
Fry with a little butter
Add fish stock
Boil up and simmer till vegetables are soft
Add the ravioli, boil up quickly
Add tomato concasse, parsley, dill and and butter
Serve immediately


  1. This recipe looks wonderful. I love salmon and I love pasta, so combining them both is very appealing to me. I have never made homemade pasta yet, but I think I will very soon. Do you use a pasta machine? Thanks for sharing and also stopping by. Linda

  2. Dear Linda
    You will see it is actually easier than it looks and yes I have used a pasta machine, just one of these cheap off the shelve machines and it works perfect. You got a lovely blog and thanks for commenting

  3. You are treating us to some super salmon things today! Thanks

  4. As always, it is a real pleasure to link my recipes, thank you for giving everybody the opportunity to do so


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