Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody

I hope you all have a fantastic time and get this super maximum chocolate load we all don't really need but so much like. There is nothing nicer that eating all the chocolate bunnies, sugar coated eggs, marshmallow eggs and all the other sweets, then feel sick and guilty......but having enjoyed every bite!
Here at the hotel it is not all about the chocolate eating, no, it is actually a super busy day and everybody is running around like....Easter Bunnies, trying to get everything ready on time.

We are serving a big Easter Brunch and we are fully booked since weeks. You know how it is, everything is  fully booked, the waiting list goes on and on......and everybody comes, never mind if they have booked or not. We are ready for the big storm of guest, the battle Royal at the buffet, the trying to re-fill faster than the guest eat....yes it doesn't work all the times.
The array is actually quite big, you come in and get given a glass of Champagne....and there are Oysters as well, of course Champagne and Oysters belong together......and then it starts, there are lovely salads, cold meat platters with Parma ham, poached lobster and Norwegian Salmon, there is a Sushi station for the lovers of raw fish and then we have all the main courses from the buffet, the action station with fresh mussels, a carving station with lamb, chicken and rib eye.......going out side for the BBQ, grilled a la minute for our guests and then of course there is the desserts........the center piece of our Easter buffet.
As usual there is a slow start on the buffet, but after about one and a half hour we were hit by the wave......just refilling as fast as possible, trying to get through the people queuing for the food. Pool is shouting that they need help, they just got swamped with short orders.....everything is full, our waiters are on roller skates, but they can hardly get all the orders in time to the guests, one of our roller skaters at the pool is actually int eh Ghana National Skating he is fast believe me. No worry, I sent another chef outside and a stewarding to keep everything clean.
It is pumping now, for good 2 hours it doesn't sop, the life music is loud, the guests have a good time, the restaurant looks like an ant hill with the ants crawling all over the buffet. Short orders in the kitchen are on the pass, room service, bar and lobby is pretty hectic.....not every one wants to sit in the Restaurant.
4 is calming down, we will still have guests till nearly 5 PM, here everybody eats late, that is why the brunch only starts at 12
6 PM........everything is set for dinner, all is calm again, we are ready to serve the next meal. Banqueting is ready too, we have a wedding for 200, lucky it is buffet, so it is a bit easier
10 PM......Quiet evening, 70 a la carte, the day was good, the banquet is on going, but the food part is finished, another exciting day here in Accra comes to an end


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