Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pea, pine nut and rocket risotto

We have just implemented our new vegetarian dishes, yes, we are changing the entire a la carte but it has to go bit by bit  to ensure everything is running smooth.

The one new dish is a pea, pine nut and rocket risotto, it is an absolutely beautiful dish, very creamy and full of flavor. It is very easy to prepare, just needs a bit time to have everything ready, but as soon as the pea puree is made, it gets quick and easy.

So without further ado, here is the recipe, you will see that you will love this risotto
50 Ml Olive Oil
100 G Butter
800 G Risotto Rice
150 G Parmesan
200 G Onions
2000 Ml Chicken stock
500 Ml White Wine Salt
500 G Peas
250 G Baby Rocket
100 G Pine nuts
150 G Baby Peas
200 G Crème Fraiche

Cut the tomatoes in quarters and roast in the oven
Cut the onions in a fine brunoise
Shallow-fry the onions in olive oil without color
Add the rice and shallow-fry some more
Add the white wine and chicken stock
Season and simmer for about 15 min
Add peas and baby peas, pines and rocket for the last 5 minutes

Just before serving add the Parmesan, ice cold butter and crème fraiche

Garnish the risotto with tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and fresh rocket

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