Saturday, April 6, 2013

Veal on Asparagus

Now this is about as classical as it can get. We have a veal steak, asparagus, parsley potatoes, Hollandaise sauce and a bit gravy. Every single restaurant has it on the asparagus menu in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It is a must have. If it is not on the menu, then the guests will either ask for it or complain that it is not on......strange but true.

So there is just no choice but giving you the recipe for this lovely dish, you will see the flavors are just perfect together, the harmony is tantalizing.....try it out

You might find 200 g of meat per person a little too much, but you will see after cooking the steaks are just perfect. When cooking the steaks please don't forget, veal is nothing else than a young beef that has not eaten grass yet, that is why the meat is still so light. Of course you can substitute the veal with young beef, it is not the same but will do just fine. Make sure you buy a good quality veal, organic farm grown is the best. The meat will be delicate and tender
The asparagus promotion went well, it is nearly finished and the dishes were really popular, especially the soup we had on the menu, so simple and so good, white asparagus with a rose of smoked salmon, just yummy, but as well the fish went well and of course the polenta. I will do it again next year, with some recipe changes, some new dishes, just having fun
You will see that the recipe for hollandaise gives you a lot of sauce, be generous, give your guests the Hollandaise because it is simply delicious and decadent. No, it is not for someone who is on weight watchers, that is for sure but this sauce will make everybody dream and wanting more and to run out of Hollandaise is the last thing you want to do

2 Kg (4.5 lb) Veal loin
25 G (1 oz) Salt
5 G Pepper
1 Kg (2 lb) Asparagus green
1 Kg (2 lb) Asparagus white

1.5 Kg (3 lb) Potatoes
100 G ( 3 oz) Butter
50 G (2 oz) Parsley

Hollandaise Sauce
50 G (2 oz) Shallots
10 Each Peppercorns
1 Each Bayleave
100 Ml (3 oz) Whitewine
6 Each Egg Yolks
600 G (1.3 lb) Butter
1 Each Lemon
1 Pinch Cayenne
5 G Salt

Cut the veal loin in 200 g (7.5 oz) steaks
Season and fry in a bit olive oil
Cook the white asparagus and blanch the green
Turn the potatoes and boil till soft
Melt the butter, toss potatoes and chopped parsley
Season to taste

Method for Hollandaise Sauce
Clarify the butter
Peel and chop the shallot
Reduce white wine together with shallots, peppercorns and bay leave
Cool the reduction down
Mix the reduction with the egg yolks
Whisk the mixture in a bain marie until poached
Take the mix off and cool down slightly while whisking all the times
Whisk in the warm clarified butter
Season to taste
Makes enough sauce for 10 friends

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  1. Lovely work, Walter! Would you be happy to link it in to the current Food on Friday which is about veal? This is the link . I do hope to see you there. Cheers


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