Sunday, March 24, 2013

Foie Gras on creamy Asparagus

Now we go with the next recipe of this little series about Asparagus. This time I combine it with creamy asparagus and then olives and tomatoes, a little unusual, but really tasty. I got this idea from a master chef in Switzerland, he had a top rated restaurant in Basel and made a very similar dish and it was so good that I remembered it even so many years have passed

The tomatoes and olives are really important for this dish as otherwise it would be just too rich with the foie gras and the cream, so I just sautee a little shallot with olives and tomato concasse in a bit olive oil, I then add it around the finished dish and the acidity just breaks the other flavors and makes the entire dish even rounder
It looks like I have a lot of time to write at the moment, but believe me, at work it is hectic, we have one of the busiest month in the history of the hotel, we had huge functions, then special a request for a function that was 4 days, special tea breaks, dinners, lunches all for an African Beer Award, so yes, every coffee break was designed to be more of a beer break, so we served assorted pies, meat balls, cold cuts and more.....this is an event I might even write a Blog about.

Then we had some VIP's in house....nothing special just some governors (Nigeria, Congo), presidents (Lebanon) and former presidents (Brazil).....they keep us on our toes that is for sure and then we had a whole lot of small functions.
Amongst all that we prepared to change the Pool BBQ menu which will be implemented as well just before Easter, so everything comes together, the Asparagus promotion, the new Pool menu and Easter...... the fun never stops

Anyway, enough of all the talking, here we go with the recipe

600 G Foie Gras
500 G White asparagus
200 G Green asparagus
200 Ml Cream
50 G White wine
20 G Sugar
25 G Butter
10 G Salt

200 G Tomatoes
100 G Olives black
100 G Onions
5 G Salt
2 G Pepper
50 Ml Olive oil
100 Ml Balsamic vinegar
20 G Honey

Peel the white asparagus
Cook it carefully with white wine, sugar, salt and water
Cut the green asparagus and blanch
Cut tomatoes in concasse
Cut Olives in julienne
Cut onions in brunoise

Saute the onions in olive oil without color add olives, tomatoes and parsley
Season to taste, just saute quick
Make a creamy sauce from the stock of the white asparagus
Add the white asparagus to it, heat it nicely

Plate the asparagus in the middle of the plate
Fry the foie gras a la minute

Dress with the olive ragout
Add a little Balsamic reduction around

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