Monday, April 29, 2013

Sweet potato cakes on spicy coconut and spinach sauce

This is the second vegetarian dish we put on the menu, which is on since a bit more than a week and it looks like it is a great success. It sells really well, looks very pretty and tastes even better. The amazing part is that this dish is even good for Vegans, yes this is a really tasty Vegan dish

They are little cakes made from roasted sweet potatoes which are just tossed in a bit olive oil, garlic added and then finished in the oven.

The sauce again is very simple, coconut milk, spinach, a little chili and coriander, boil up, blend, serve. It could not be easier than that.

Then I like to serve it with something a bit different, a pickled cucumber salad. This just gives the dish a really nice balance as you will see the sauce is rather rich, so it needs something to break the richness.

It has been another busy week here at work, we had a lot of functions and and the restaurant was pretty busy too. It is nice, it keep me out of mischief, but as well away from writing blogs. It is rainy season here so sometimes the power is a bit of a challenge, even so we have a couple of huge generators to keep everything going, it is after all 260 rooms..... but every time the power trips the gas on the stove goes out automatically and it is always a challenge to get the grill and the stove going again, not sure what it is but when the power trips three to four times an evening we do use sometimes words that should not be used in public....

1.5 Kg Sweet potatoes (red)
100 Ml Olive oil
5 G All spice, ground
5 G Cumin, ground
5 G Chili flakes, dried
5 G Thyme
100 G Garlic
15 G Chili, fresh
100 G Spring onions
50 G Coriander, fresh
25 G Lime zest
800 Ml Coconut milk
300 G Spinach, fresh
80 G Onions, chopped
60 G Garlic, roast
10 G Chilies, fresh
50 G Peppers, green
5 G Paprika
5 G Thyme, fresh
5 G Salt
3 G Pepper
25 Ml Lemon juice
20 G Coriander, fresh
Peel the sweet potatoes and cut in cubes
Toss the sweet potato with the olive oil and spices
Roast together with the garlic in a pre heated oven at 200 C until soft (about 20 min)
Mash the sweet potato and soft garlic together
Form small cakes, 3 per person
Pan fry them in a bit olive oil
Saute the onions, garlic and chili in a bit oil
Add the coconut milk and bring to the boil
Add spinach and the other ingredients
Bring quickly to a boil
Blend and season to taste
Put a mirror of the sauce on the bottom of a square plate
Then set the sweet potato cakes on top
Serve wit a pickled cucumber salad and a roast tomato


  1. Walter, just letting you know that your link to Food on Friday: Salmon was featured in my Need Some Inspiration? Series today. Hope you are having a good week.

  2. Thank you Carol, very much appreciated. I am getting back into writing recipes, just about to finish a monster marathon week with functions, then we are back to normal for a little while


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