Sunday, May 27, 2012

White Asparagus Soup

We seldom cook white asparagus nowadays which I feel is a pity because it is so delicious, far more subtle than the green asparagus. I think that many of us are a bit afraid because it is something we haven't done before, so one opts for the easy solution, the green asparagus

Believe me, it is as easy to make white asparagus like it is to cook green asparagus. The first step is the peeling. The asparagus has to be flat on the table and has to be peeled carefully in order not to break. Good, fresh white asparagus is hard and crisp to the touch, but still very fragile

The cooking is fast, 8 minutes tops and the asparagus is cooked, so don't walk away and let it boil for too long.

Now the secret..... I mostly make the soup just out of the stock. White asparagus is costly and you don't want to waste anything, so usually I cook the asparagus and then serve it as a starter, either with a bit melted butter, with Hollandaise sauce or Polish style with cooked and chopped eggs sprinkled on top, all delicious ways of eating white asparagus. Then I just use the stock and make a soup, using any bit of asparagus that has not been eaten as a garnish, so I have a light meal for dinner with a slice of farmers bread......I am getting hungry just writing this blog
Asparagus is extremely healthy, it cleanse the body. You can feel it basically immediately when you go to the toilet, asparagus makes your pee smell funny, so don't be surprised, this is the good of the asparagus cleaning your urinary system.

500 G (17.5 oz) White asparagus
100 G (3 oz) butter
100 Ml (3floz) white wine
salt pepper
1000 Ml (1 quart) cream
1000 Ml (1 quart) Water
20 G (0.8 oz) Corn Starch

Peel the white asparagus carefully and cut the end off
Bring water, white wine, butter, salt and pepper to the boil
Add the asparagus and simmer till al dente
Take the asparagus out
Now simmer the peelings for about 10 minutes
Strain the soup
Add the cream, boil up and thicken with corn starch
Season to taste
Cut the asparagus in pieces and use as garnish

I have used some green asparagus just for the looks!!!!


  1. I love asparagus soup and this looks and sounds delicious and creamy. I usually just think of using the green asparagus but the white would be a surprise and taste mellow and sweet.

  2. Dear Vicki
    Yes the white one is mellower but still powerful in flavor, try the white aspargus, you will be surprise how subtle and delicious it is. Thanks for popping in, I hope to see you again on the blog for more recipes

  3. Great that you linked in, thanks. have a good one


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