Friday, May 11, 2012

Swordfish on Asparagus Ragout

I got yesterday some fresh sword fish, but not just fresh, I mean really fresh. My supplier called me in the morning to tell me that he just got a swordfish that has been caught last night, a huge fish that is around 85 kg. For me it was a no brainer, I want some and told him to bring me a nice chunk of the fish which he did later that afternoon. It was a 30 kg piece of the fish, just wonderfully fresh.
I filleted the fish and gave the belly to my Asian Chef to make some lovely Sushi and Sashimi, he was very happy about the nice fresh fish and then I portioned the rest to sell in the restaurant
Being a fish that overcooks easily I decided o cut it on thick squares of around 220 g (about 9 oz) then just season it with salt and ground black pepper, roast it in olive oil and put it for 4 minutes in the oven, finish. In the meantime I made some asparagus and a bit sauce vierge with black olives in it, deep fried some potatoes and the dish was finished
I give you now the recipe that you can cook it at home, you will love the taste of the fish with the olive oil and the olives. The tomatoes in the sauce give a nice balance to the richness of the fish

1 kg Sword Fish fillet
Salt, Pepper
Olive Oil

60 g (2 oz) Shallots
15 g (0.5 oz) Garlic
90 g (3 oz) Parsley
30 g (1 oz) Black Olives
90 g (3 oz) Tomatoes
Olive Oil
Salt, Pepper

450 g (16 oz) White asparagus
450 g 916 oz) Green asparagus

Chop the garlic and shallots finely
Do the same with the parsley
Cut the depipped olives in half, then slice finely
Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water for 10 seconds, then put in ice water and peel the skin
Take the pips out and cut in small squares
Mix all the ingredients carefully and season to taste

Season the fish with salt and pepper
Fry in olive oil on both sides till golden brown
Finish off int eh oven at 160 C for 5 minutes

Toss the asparagus in butter with a little water till it is hot and glazed

Plate the asparagus on the bottom, then dress the fish on top

Drizzle the sauce Vierge around an garnish with the deep fried potatoes


  1. Thank you so much, it was just fun cooking something with this lovely fresh fish

  2. The freshness definitely makes a huge difference in terms of taste (and none of that fishy smell). Such a gorgeous dish!

  3. Thank you for your comment Kat, yes it makes a huge difference. I am lucky that my fish supplier calls me when he has a special fresh fish and I can use it immediately.

  4. Hi, just to let you know that I added this post to StumbleUpon for you. Someone did this for my corned beef post and its page views just shot up exponentially. I hope that works for you too.
    If it does, and you want to, you could like one of my posts that you liked in StumbleUpon too – but you do have to register with them (it's free) and then download their toolbar – probably too much hassle.
    Thanks for following Carole's Chatter

  5. Dear Carol
    Thank you very much for the tip and the liking, I will check it out, I just can't download the tool bar here as I often use the work computer to post the blogs, but will check it out at home


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