Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Veal Fillet Zurich Style

Another favorite of mine and I actually thought that I won't have it for a long time. Why? Since I have arrived in Ghana, all the button mushrooms were out of a tin, I hate tinned mushrooms with a passion, so said that I will not do it till I find fresh mushrooms. Then about 2 weeks ago I found fresh Oyster mushrroms, what a great day, so since then I buy them for the breakfast buffet, but for my Veal Zurich Style I cannot take them, it has to be button mushrooms.

So there I was; no mushrooms, no favorite dish of mine.....till out of the blue one of my suppliers said that of course he has, he knows a farmer who does them and is happy to sell them to me. Bingo! Jackpot!!! I am happy and I have received the first batch of mushrooms yesterday. They are so beautifully white, unblemished, hard, just perfect button mushrooms. Ok, the sizes vary from very small to very large, but they are fresh and that is my number one priority.

So, let me give you a recipe for it that you know exactly how it is done. The original recipe is one third veal, one third mushrooms and one third kidneys......let's do a more modern verion of it

The best meat to take is of course the fillet, but with veal topside is perfectly good as well. If you are not so much into Veal, just replace it with Beef, that works well too.

1 Kg Veal Topside
Salt, Pepper
1 kg Button Mushrooms
300 g Onions
50 g Garlic
100 Ml White Wine
100 Ml Demi Glace
250 Ml Cream

Slice the meat in fine slivers
Cut the onion in fine cubes (Brunoise)
Chop the Garlic
Fry the meat in a hot pan, season quickly and just let it get color, then take it out of the pan
Take the butter melt in the same pan, then add the sliced mushrooms, onions and garlic
Sautee quicky in the hot pan, then add the whitewine reduce then add the demi glace and cream, cook till a creamy consistency
Just before serving add the veal to the sauce
Boil up barely, add whipped cream and serve
Serve with Rosti potatoes and vegetables

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