Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Buffet

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers, it is a special day for you all and I hope all mothers are treated like princesses today.
We have a big mothers day Brunch here at the Moevenpick and it is fully booked since days, the waiting list is very long and I know many families will come without booking so the day will be long and busy.
Brunch here starts at 12 Noon and is an affair that goes all the way till about 5 PM, then we have just a bit time to reset the restaurant and dinner will start.

Sunday is always a special day, but today is extra special. We are in the fortunate situation that we do not have to make any advertising for a Sunday Brunch, especially a Brunch like today, the bookings are just flying in, so knowing that it will be full house, we can go wild in our creations

Some of the delicacies we serve are

Home Cured Salmon, fresh steamed Lobster, Prawns and Cigalle (a local lobster) we have different cheese, an omelet station, a Piglet that is carved, all the hot foods and of course a huge dessert buffet. As a surprise present, every mother gets a little mothers day cake when they leave, just to make them feel special

I have made a whole lot photos just to make your mouth water and I am actually uploading this blog just after the start of the Brunch, enjoy the pics and wish you were here

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