Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Raspberry and Brandysnap Mille Feuille

It sounds lie a lot of hard work, but it actually is very easy to do, a little time consuming, but when all the preparation is done, it is very quickly put together and it will make such a great impact at any dinner party. The dessert is light and tasty, just what one wants from a modern dessert. The Brandy Snaps give a great texture and sweetness to the dish while the raspberries give a acidity......yes and the vanilla cream gives it a luscious richness

Here are the ingredients

Brandy Snap

125 g (5 oz ) Butter
125 g (5 oz ) Flour
125 g (5 oz )Golden Syrup
250 g (10 oz ) Castor sugar
1 g Ginger, ground
3 ml Vanilla Essence

Melt the butter
Add Castor sugar and make sure everything is dissolved
Then add the other ingredients.

This mix can easily be kept for one week in a closed container in the fridge

Take a melon ball sized bit of the mix, press gently on a non stick baking sheet and bake at 160 C for about 5 to 8 minutes or till golden brown. Take them out and cool completely, they will get nice and hard.

Vanilla Mousse

30 g (1 oz) Sugar
10 g (0.3 oz) Starch
1 ea Egg yolks
125 ml (5 oz )Milk
half Vanilla Pod

Boil up milk with scratched out vanilla pod
Mix sugar, starch and egg yolk with a little milk.
Add to the milk and bring to the boil, then cool till room temperature

Whip the cream till soft peak and mix carefully with the Pastry Cream, cool in the fridge till totally cold


Pipe a little vanilla mousse in the middle of the plate, this will prevent the sliding of the Mille Feuille.
Lay one sheet of Brandy Snap on the mousse, then pipe a walnut sized bit of mousse in the middle of the Brandy Snap
Dress the Raspberries around, touching the mousse
Lay another Brandy Snap round on top, repeat the mousse and Raspberry part
Top with a last disc of Brandy Snap

Garnish with a Raspberry, mint leaf and a bit raspberry sauce

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