Saturday, January 28, 2012

Antarctica, Ice Bergs

The last cruise here in Antarctica and after 4 days of heavy weather, storms and being banged and bashed around, we are back in Antarctica. This time we are in the Ross Sea, a dream come true as I have never been to the Ross Sea. So far the weather is really with us and I was able to do some really cool shots of Ice Bergs. I love them, how they slowly float through the sea, sometime getting stuck in the pack ice, then next year they come free again
The largest Ice Berg ever recorded came off the Ross Sea in 2000 and initially had 11'000 km2, this is just so big, one cannot imagine. Only in 2005 the last remains of this giant have broken apart, so for 5 years the Ice Berg was floating around, breaking up bit by bit
Here I have a photo which I made straight out of the galley, we have wonderful big port holes, so we can see what is happening out there. We are so close to the ice when we go down. There is not much sleep so, as the scratching of the ice keeps us awake the whole night.
Photo from the Galley, who can work with such a view?
We even have some wild life here on the ice, I had to zoom it in a bit, but you can see the penguins nicely and as well the seal, they were all not too far away from the ship. That is why I love going to Antarctica, the nature, the wild, the animals, all is so wonderful and I feel humbled to have the privilege to see it with my own eyes.
We are busy sailing south, so far we are OK with the pack ice, this cruise even the sun is out (at the moment at least) and we are making good headway. If everything goes well we are actually able to set foot on Antarctica and see Shackleton's hut. This would be absolutely amazing.Just imagine that more people have gone on top of Mount Everest than people have actually been in Shackleton's hut, that just shows how remote the hut is. If we really get there, I will make loads of photos and post them here on the Blog!!!
Let's hope we get there!!!

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