Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crispy Pata

I got yesterday a request for the recipe of the crispy Pata and am of course all too happy to share the recipe. It is really such an easy recipe to do that everybody will enjoy it. It is of course very rich as there is a fair amount of fat on the pork trotter

2 whole Pigs Trotters
Salt, Pepper
Oil for deep frying

Mang Tomas All Purpose Sauce

It is best to order the pigs trotters with the butcher, as you need the fore shank all the way to the knee. Ask the butcher as well to cut the "toe nails" off, it just looks a little nicer.

Then you need to cook the pigs trotters till they are soft. This is easiest done in a pressure cooker, as it will go a lot faster. Wash the trotter under cold water, then put them in the pressure cooker and cover them with water. Season with salt and pepper. In Philippines the dish is fairly plain, but your are welcome to use some bay leaf, little garlic, onions and a glove to give the meat more flavor.

The cooking take about 45 minutes, keep the trotter in the liquid till totally cooled down

Heat oil in a deep fryer and then deep fry the whole trotter till crispy, that is were the name comes from crispy pata (trotter)

This dish is traditionally served with Mang Thomas All Purpose Sauce. It might be difficult to get it, but try to find it on the net, it is a sauce that is used very often in Philippines. The ingredients are bread, onions, sugar ad then plenty of other spices.

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