Friday, January 20, 2012

Antarctica, rough seas

Time can drag along when one is on a small ship and outside the weather conditions are not perfect. We are going through another storm here in the Southern Ocean. I have to admit, it is nothing like you see on TV with "the deadliest catch" but it is bad enough for us.

The ship is safe and the swell is maybe good 4 meters with 45 knot winds, so one can still walk around the ship, has to hold hand rails, but it is still all good and the guest are enjoying the lectures given by our knowledgeable expedition staff, just work is not so fun. Sometimes during service everything stops and we hold ourselves.......then everything continues like nothing happened. Of course everything is secured very tightly and we have nearly nothing that falls on the floor.
Most of the guest are still looking really good, I can see that the crowd booking for an Antarctic cruise is more hardened, only at the beginning of the cruise we had a dinner with less guests, now everybody comes to the dining room and sea sickness seems to be not an issue

I made some snap shots of the sea outside, it doesn't give you the 3 D feel but it loos bad enough. We are now on the direct way to Bluff, we had to cancel Snares Island as it would be totally impossible to get anybody safe in the zodiac. Pity as Snares is an amazing Island, I will write more about it if we go there on our next trip. The endemic Snares Penguin lives there, and he is such a quite Penguin.
We are docking in Bluff, the southern most town in main land New Zealand. It will be so nice to have one night sleep without the constant up and down, left and right movement

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