Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rain in Manila from the tropical storm Trami

For a change I am writing  not much about food and cooking but what is currently happening in Manila in the Philippines. It is what is so special with the rain?
It is not really special, but there is a tropical storm close by, only 500 km north and we have tarantual rains here in Philippines, so much that many places are now flooded and under water. In parts the water is shoulder high and 10 thousands of people are getting evacuated from their homes as I write this Blog.

The farmers got hit badly as well. The rice harvest for this year will be bad as many of the rice fields are too much under water, so the rice is rotting away, pity as Philippines needs every bit of rice, it is after all the main starch used allover the country.
We wanted to meet up with some friends from the Orion, an explorer cruise ship I worked on before. Shame the new crew is stranded in Manila and can't join the ship and we can't go and visit them as there is no transport and the roads are closed. It would be physically impossible to get through Manila right now.

The photos on the blog are taken from the internet as I have no possibility of getting even close to Manila. Yes we have a lot of rain too, but as we are living a bit higher up towards Tagaytay we have no flooding. Two nights ago it rained so hard that we had some water coming into the house, but nothing serious. The highway called SLEX is closed on the way to Manila due to the flooding and even Santa Rosa is flooded badly, so there is no bus going to Manila.........Thank you whoever took the photos as I could not find a name to it
It is expected to rain another 2 days at least, so it does not look good for the islands and I just hope that the water will go down again a bit. Most of the schools are closed since yesterday and will most probably be closed for a little longer.

Unfortunately some people did not survive the floods, our thoughts are with them and we hope that no more people will die.

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