Saturday, August 31, 2013

Philippine Street Food Fishballs

I read a short while ago in the "Lonely Planet" travel guide about Philippines that Street Food in Philippines is not as big as in other countries in Asia and that even so one can get Street Food, it is maybe good enough for a Merienda........I could not dis agree more. I like the "Lonely Planet" guides a lot, they are really down to earth and give a lot of information, but when it comes to Street Food, they are simply wrong.

Here in Philippines food is so important and is eaten every where, especially on the streets. There are stands everywhere, especially around bus stations and even so one shop is maybe not preparing a whole meal, one goes from shop to shop and has enough to feed a whole family or as we like to say in our home, enough to feed the whole Banrangay!
Where we live there are street vendors going around from early morning all the way to late at night selling everything from home made soy, that is usually served hot with a slightly bitter caramel, to Spaghetti, Pancit, Ice Cream and Fish Balls. Believe me, this is absolutely normal. We live in a bit of a rural not that rural that we are somewhere in the mountains, but we are not in a city and one it is not possible to eat all that is offered during the day, just passing by the house.

Last time I elaborated the quail eggs I love so much, this time we talk about fish balls, these are really yummy and are often sold with squid as well.
500 g Flaked Fish
125 g Flour
50 ml Milk
50 g Spring Onions
10 g Chilies, chopped

Soy Sauce

For the fish balls mix all the ingredients well in a bowl till you have a sticky mix
Then let it rest in the fridge for at least one hour
Form balls, flatten a little and then boil in water
Before serving either deep fry them quickly or shallow fry in oil

The balls are always served on bamboo skewers

For the sauce, just mix the ingredients together

 In Philippines it is possible to buy already the fish and squid balls, they are widely available in supermarkets in the frozen section.


  1. they sounds great and so you left Ghana

  2. Yes I have left Ghana, but you will still see some recipes from time to time. I am again in Philippines for a while, my home where I usually am when not working or travelling


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