Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pork Fillet, Bacon and Calvados

I am cooking again, this time pork fillet. I haven't cooked pork fillet in such a long time and when we went shopping this morning I just saw them and heard the inner voice telling me to buy them. Then we got some bacon too, I bought smoked streaky bacon. The idea is to wrap the individual portions of the fillet with the bacon to keep them nice and moist. It is important that the bacon is cut very thin and is only slightly smoked.
The pork must be cooked all the way, but make sure it doesn't get dry. Especially the fillet gets dry very quickly as there is no fat on it. If you buy the pork from a good butcher then one can even keep it a little pink, this makes the meat so much nicer to eat. If you are not sure where the pork is from, rather cook it well done.
Then when the meat was cooked I just poured some Calvados in the pan, flambeed and added some cream, seasoned and finish. Then when meat was rested I took the juice of the meat and added it to the sauce, like this it helped as well to keep the meat nice and moist.
With that I made some Knoepfli (or Spaetzle in German) and some Zucchini with garlic, OK, lots of garlic because  but today I have just the recipe for the pork fillets

1.8 Kg Pork Fillet
400 G Streaky bacon, smoked
10 G Salt
5 G Pepper
25 Ml Oil

 50 Ml Calvados
100 Ml Demi Glace
100 Ml Cream
5 G Salt
3 G Pepper

Cut the pork fillet in 60 g pieces, then wrap each piece with thinly sliced bacon
Fix the bacon with a toothpick to keep it tight
Heat a bit oil in the pan and then fry the pork on both sides till golden brown, season to taste
Take the meat out and keep warm
Deglace the pan with the calvados, flambee
Then add the demi glace (Beef stock) and cream
Bring to a boil and simmer for a couple of minutes
Reduce a bit and thicken if required
Season to taste
Before serving add the meat juice to the sauce
Take the tooth picks out the meat and plate

 For 10 Friends

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