Saturday, March 9, 2013

South Africa, Club Mykonos, Langebaan

OK, for a change I want to tell you a bit about travel, not just food. This time it is about a holiday destination in South Africa, in Langebaan on the west coast, about 100 north of Cape Town.

Club Mykonos is the perfect retreat for either a weekend or even one or two weeks at the time. It is all self catering with built in BBQ or Braai as it is called in South Africa. The rooms are serviced daily and one actually finds everything that is needed in the huge complex. Usually one apartment sleeps 4 or 6 people and there is ample space for everybody. The kitchen is well stocked and the stove works very well, which is important for me, being a chef.
There is of course a Casino, so if anybody is interested in making a quick buck or two (or loosing them) this is the place to go. It is not one of the major fancy casinos in Cape Town, but it is overall very nice.
There are a couple of restaurants and bars on the complex. Yes it is nice to have a cold beer or drink at the pool while the kids are playing in the jungle gym. The main restaurant seems a bit big for me, especially in quieter times, but I can imagine that it is humming in high season. I liked the coffee shop a lot, it is just nice to pop in and have something small to eat. The atmosphere is cosy and warm.
Club Mykonos emphasizes the kids entertainment. There is not just a kids centre where they can play, but one can rent Play Stations and more and of course there is a kids program, even out of season which is great for parents who like to have a bit free time. In the photo below you can see the kids centre, it is quite big and has a lot to offer.
There is a lovely mini golf track which is really close to the restaurants and the small shop, so one can play and just pop over to the shop and get an ice cream. There is everything one needs in the shop, so if you need some bread, cereal, milk, yogurt or juice, they have it. It is just so convenient. Even so if someone wants to stock up the fridge a bit more extensively there is a shopping center less than 5 minutes drive from the complex
And then of course being next to the Atlantic, there is a big yacht club. So one can actually sail to Club Mykonos, stay there, use the golf club in Langebaan which is really beautiful and just have a good time. There are many events all year round, yacht races and more, so it is worth checking out the website to be up to date at all times
Overall this is a great place to be, even so far from Cape Town it is still close enough to do a day trip there and enjoy the tourist attractions there

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