Sunday, March 17, 2013

Asparagus Terrine

Spring is coming, even so Europe just got another cold spell and a lot of snow, but yes spring is coming. With spring there is something else coming, one of my favorite vegetables, asparagus. I know nowadays one can buy asparagus the whole year round, but for me, April and May are the traditional Asparagus month when the fresh white asparagus is coming on the market. I love white asparagus, it has the wonderful taste, not as strong as the green asparagus, but lighter, more delicate and deeper. The queen of vegetables!

So what is the difference between green and white asparagus? Just the color, white asparagus never sees the sunlight, so there is no photosynthesis. When the asparagus grows it gets covered with mulch and black plastic. It does help to keep the flavor delicate and the asparagus stems tender.

We will have now a mini series of asparagus dishes, basically every dish except the asparagus soup, as I have made already a Blog with the recipe. I want to start with....yes you are right, another terrine. I admit, I love terrines, I love making them it is just something that is time consuming but at the same time relaxing. This terrine is gelatin based, so everything gets put together and then chilled in the cold room.

If you like to see photos of the entire menu, feel free to check out the Country Gourmet Traveler Face book site, there you can have a preview on the recipes to come.....or if you are patient enough, the recipes will feature soon here.
750 g Asparagus white
750 g Asparagus green
300 G Parma ham
300 ml Asparagus stock
18 Ea Gelatin

1 Kg Potatoes
50 G Parma Ham
50 G Spring onions
50 Ml Oil
750 Ml Chicken stock

Cook the white asparagus till soft in the traditional way
Blanch the green asparagus till soft, then chill in ice water
Cut the Parma ham thinly

Lay out a terrine form with plastic wrap
Then put a layer of Parma ham all around

Soak the gelatin in cold water
Then melt it in the warm asparagus stock

Put one layer of asparagus in the terrine, always
alternating white and green
Then add some gelatin
Repeat till the terrine is full
Close with a layer of Parma ham
Cool in the fridge over night

Cook the potatoes in the chicken stock
Take the potatoes out, cut in cubes and add them back
in the stock to marinate
Fry some Parma ham in the pan with a little oil
When hard and crisp take out and cool
Crumble the Parma ham

Make a salad with the potatoes, stock and balsamic
Mix in the spring onions at the end

Plate a slice of terrine on a large white plate
Add some potato salad, sprinkle with the Parma ham powder
Garnish with garden leaves like frisee and rocket
Add a slice of Parma ham to it

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