Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cuppa Cappuccino

Cuppa Cappuccino is a coffee shop in Accra, Ghana where we just spent 6 hours having a meeting to decided what we want todo for the rest of the year here with the Moevenpick htel on a Food and Beverage side. Yes a whole of 6 hours, that is a long time, but we really did do our work and didn't just sit and have an idle chat.
I am since 2 weeks here in Accra, Ghana and have so much to do that I haven't seen much of the town or anything for that matter except the way from the appartment to the hotel and back, so I really enjoyed our little outing very much, even so it was work. It was work but something I like to do, the planning the being organized, the knowing when we do what.
When I arrived here I was stright hit with "we need a lobster week in one weeks time, it has been advertised and we still need everything, from the menu to the the recipe, the tasting the trainig, just everything, so you can imagine how my first week was. Now we are getting organized, we have more time to plan and make sure everything is running smooth.
The coffee shop is in the airport region, nice and secluded, but believe me it is packed over lunch time. It is running since many years and has a very good name so it is known here in Accra for good coffee and good fare. We just had a sandwhich platter, but of course there are wraps and salads and more. Te sandwich was excellent, I enjoyed it a lot and the coffee is superb, and big as you can see. The service is totally friendly and helpful, a real treat in a quiet place a bit off the beaten track of this big city

So if you are ever in Accra, this is a nice place to relax, have a nice cup a cappuccino and something great to nibble

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