Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A new Challenge in my Life

Hello all

I know it has been a bit quiet in the last week, but that all has a very good reason. I have just changed jobs and on top of that live now in a different country. I moved from the ships to a land based job and from Philippines to Ghana. Yes you are right, that is quite a change, but changes are good.

So the last week I spent in Philippines I enjoyed my time tremendously with my Fiancee and we have had a great time trying some more food and cooking together. Especially the street food we tried and I will soon have some blogs about it.
Then the long journey started, flying from Manila to Dubai and then from Dubai to Accra, to flights of over 8 hours each, with a nice break in Dubai. Still, my bum was not happy towards the end of my travel.

Dubai airport is great, as usual. I went to Paul's Pastry shop had a cup of Latte and a delicious rhubarb tart. I love popping in this pastry shop as the pastry is fantastic, fresh and so European. I just had a good time, sipping my coffee and reading my new book, Cooking Dirty by Jason Weehan. OK, it is not my type of book as he is a very different type of chef than me, but it is entertaining reading.
So, here I am now, working in the Moevenpick Accra as Executive Chef, and believe me, there will be plenty of great recipes coming your way, I can't wait to show you what we do here.....I am busy with putting a Lobster specialty week together, so stay tuned


  1. Wow, you do get around. Will enjoy seeing what you are up to via your blog.

  2. Thanks Carol, yes, I was getting around a bit, but now I guess it gets a bit quieter with the travelling, but after two days in the new job, I know there will be plenty of recipes coming.....and some local stories


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