Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nuffnang Blog Survey

What is he writing about a Nuffnang Blog Survey, what is that, what is Nuffnang?

It is easy, Nuffnang is a company that helps Bloggers like me to put some advertising on the Blog, but not just any advertising, that is the key, they want to make sure that the right advertising is on the right Blog. There is not much use that there is an Ad on my Blog for Hair wash products or  baby products, but something that has to do with food and travel. Now, this little Blog here is actually a sponsored post by Nuffnang, yes that is right. It is the first time that I write a "sponsored" post. I am sure there are plenty of Bloggers out there doing that, it is just not always advertised like I just did here

And the survey made exactly that, plenty of questions about me and my Blog, I tell you, plenty, but at the end of the day, this is a good thing as I want to make sure the Ads are corresponding to my article. And I do like that a company cares about ME and doesn't just give me the cold stats of how much I have earned....the bits and pieces as most of us are not getting rich with advertising, but it is just fun having it on the Blog. So the questions of course included my age, normal income, the usual, but then the questions were really specific about what I write, so I am sure when they have finished getting all the results, the already great service I receive will be even better

So, there we are, I am writing this article that is not really related to what I usually write, but  on the other hand it is related.

Nuffnang is mainly active in Asia and Asia is big and there are many Asian living all over the world like I live in Asia, Philippines to be exact. I love it here, the food is amazing, the country beautiful and the people some of the friendliest I have met so far. Originally it has started in Singapore an Malaysia, it has now offices in several countries, and that is the difference again to other Ad companies, they have actually offices with real people, one can see what they do on the website, for me being in the hospitality business for such a long time, this is so important, I am in contact with people every day, so when I am writing my Blog, it is nice to know that the advertising needs are taken care of by real people. 

So if there is anybody else who wants to become a "Nuffnanger" check out their website you will see that this is a cool company that really cares and makes sure we, the publishers have the right stuff on our websites

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