Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fresh Mussels

How often have you eaten fresh mussels....and how often have you actually cooked fresh mussels? Most of us don't dare to do fresh mussels, but then it is actually so easy to prepare and so delicious to eat. I cook mussels regularly and enjoy it tremendously. It is so quickly done and succsess is nearly guaranteed.

There are of course different mussels, thee are the normal black mussels, widely used in Europe and other places. The are a bit smaller, but also delicious in taste.

But now being in New Zealand, I get the fresh Green Lip mussels. They are very similar in taste, but a bit bigger and ...of course green. Not the meat, no, when that is green then the best thing to do is run, run fast, because then they are off, no it is the shell that is slightly green. But when you have these fresh mussels, just simply cooked like you will with this recipe, they are absolutely delicious.

Here is what you need

1.5 kg Mussels, black, fresh, cleaned
150 g Onion Julienne
150 g Carrot Julienne
150 g Leek Julienne
Garlic, sliced
White wine (Chardonnay)
Salt, Pepper


Heat butter till starting to foam, then add the mussels and vegetables at one go
Mix properly, then add white wine and Pernod, season
Cook covered for 2 to 3 minutes, then stir
Cook for another 3 minutes, stir again, taste, season if necessary
Serve immediately with either baguette or garlic bread

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